Photography, from my point of view, is the alert accessment of a visual situation, which adhering to the laws of geometry is transformed into an image in a split second, a unique moment never to occur again. Alterations made later on the photo print are for me taboo. Ever since the beginning of my photographic career in the mid 1970's, I have continually strived to avoid any sort of staged or artificial situations. In regard of this conviction, one photo of mine, taken at the Munich Olympic Stadium in the 70's, reflected remarkably the young generation of that time and the result was being awarded the "Young German Photographers Prize".

The reputable face of the South German Newspaper "Freisinger Neueste Nachrichten" was definitely represented through many years of my photographical work there. In 1999, I was therefore awarded the Cultural Prize of recognition from the region of Freising.

Aside from the professional routine, I have worked on such independent topics such as landscape, street photography and portraits of Jazz Musicians.

In 1990, I travelled to Tibet for the first time. Ever since this time, the people from this "rooftop of the world" have captivated me and I have still not been able to let go. My particular mission is to document the ceaseless vanishing of their very unique culture and traditions through my photographs.